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Hello there,
Just few days ago mine Nvidia 9800GTX died and I bought a new ATI Radeon 5850 video card. It was working for a few days before computer went to sleep mode, and never woke up. Upon attepting to wake it up - there was no display image on monitor and GPU fan started to spin at maximum. I rebooted PC via power on/off.
Now what happens with every single attempt to power on -
- All fans (CPU, CASE fans) are spinning normally
- the 5850 fan spins at max.
- "No output detected" message on VGA cable connected to ATI 5850
- after 10 seconds im gettign 1 single short beep from MB speaker
- numlock lights up
- mouse lights up
-still no image from monitor
-still ATI 5850 video card fan is spining at maximum

after further investigation I found that there is onboard video card with HDMI output

so now via HDMI cable I'm able to boot to BIOS etc but I cant make 5850 to work.

All attempts to disable onboard video card does not work.

Under Onboard Video - there are only 2 options "always Enable" and "Auto" - both have no effect

I have tied the following and all results are same - cant make card to recognise by BIOS/doesnt work:

Reseated all possible cables, cards, processor, motherboard EVERYTHING
disconnect all devices apart from core ones: CPU, PSU, memory and boot up - same thing - no video on VGA cable - GPU fan at maximum
cleared CMOS - many times - same thing
updated CMOS to latest revision found on Asus website (1403)
checked the voltage - with card inserted and spinning fans - readings from BIOS - Vcore = 1.44v 3.3v = 3.37v 5v = 4.89~4.96v 12v = 12.28v
Have tried different GPU - Nvidia 9800GTX - works fine as primarty video adapter
Tried different GPU cables from power supply ( i have 2 pairs of 6 pins connectors for SLI)
Tried different monitor cable

I'm running short of options :P

this is my PC spec atm:
Motherboard: Asus M3N72-D (latest BIOS revision 1403)
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 940 BE (non OC)
Video : ATI Radeon HD 5850
Memory: Corsair 2GB DDR2
OS: Windows 7 32bit
PSU: Real Power M850 (cooler master)

And btw I'll take this card today to place i work and test it :P It will be very weird if it works on another system. and what conclusion can I make from that - it just does not like it?

btw some1 suggested to change PCI-E to 105 Mhz - doesnt helps.
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  1. bad card would be my guess
  2. this seems complicated, like xtian63 says, bad card probably.
  3. ok here is update :) card works fine. My pc without card works fine :P Dunno whom to blame :) ATI or ASUS :P
  4. What OS did you use? win7?
    make sure you disable power saver option, many people suffer from the same problem: going into sleep mode and never awake...
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