My Radeon 9600 does not detect my pioneer plasma panel

Please help. I can’t get my Pioneer PDP-435PG plasma TV to display video when connected to my Radeon 9600 pro graphics card with a DVI port (running windows XP) via a dvi cable.

When I boot my P.C. the Radeon 9600 does not detect the plasma panel.

I suspect that because the Radeon card and the plasma panel don’t handshake on booting that the DVI port then becomes inactive and the DVI device does not show in the catylst software. Windows will not subsequently detect the DVI port even if I try to force to reactivate it using powerstrip.

The same PC and Radeon card connects fine with another TV (LCD Panel) so there’s not a cable problem etc

I don’t think the Pioneer panel has a fault because I can get the panel to work if I get the Radeon card to detect another TV (i.e. the Radeon port is working )

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  1. you connect the dvi to the plasma? you dont use any kind of adapter? say, dvi to hdmi?
  2. yes the plasma has a dvi port and connect straight into it
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