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I work at Sprint and while trying to replace my earpiece I forgot to take my SD card out before I popped off the back and I snapped it. My little brother and sister are adopted and I literally have their whole lives documented in pictures on my card. I live in Dallas and they are in Houston. These kids mean the world to me. Please tell me there's something I can do.
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  1. It may be possible to recover some data with a "bare metal recovery" if it can still be fit into a card reader.

    This will take knowledge of linux so the best i can recommend for something easy is something like Ubuntu Rescue Remix, Redo Recovery, @Active Partition Recovery, R-Studio, or Force Copy Beta.

    I'll be honest, your chances are slim and there is a risk of damaging the card reader.

    Good Luck!
  2. Well, give a try on this freeware for data recovery: it is designed for restore lost data due to deletion, format, and many other reasons, u can preview the files before restore. But the time will be very long for it sounds that the data u need to recover are quite large. BTW, it can only retrieve 1GB for free, but with its help you can at least make sure whether the data are recoverable. Hope it can indeed help u.
  3. If you actually damaged the flash memory chip there is little chance of recovering anything.
    Your best chance is to actually spend money on it (if the pictures really mean that much to you). There are companies out there who specialize in data recovery (ontrak is one of them, there are others). Usually they will check your storage device and give you an estimate for the real recovery costs.
    Be warned though, depending on the measures necessary to get your data these costs can be very high.

    Why don't you take some detailed pictures of the damaged card, maybe we can tell you if there is still a chance. They might also help if you get an estimate for professional recovery.
  4. PS: Should you decide to use a professional recovery service it is best to leave your SD card alone and not try any DIY recovery. There is a chance that anything you do might damage the card further and make recovery more difficult (and costly).
  5. the best thing you can do is learn a lesson about storing all your eggs in one basket.
  6. If the casing was just snapped and not the chip itself then it should be fine. Just remember to back your data!
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