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Video card upgrade to SLI, can my PS handle the load?

PS: OCZ 700 watt PSU. There are 2 pci-e power plugs, so it could support 2 cards.
Vid Card: EVGA 8800 GTS 640 (takes 1 pci-e plug)
Board: EVGA 680i sli
CPU: E6750 @ 3.2Ghz

I know the PS can handle 2 of these 8800gts' with no problem on this board, but what I don't know is if there is enough juice in the PS to handle the rest of the setup:
4-disk SATA RAID0
2-disk SATA RAID1
controller card w/ SATA dvd burner
x-fi gamer sound
gigabit nic

I need a video card upgrade, and have found locally another 8800gts 640 of the exact same make and model of my card for $50 so I could go the SLI route to put off the major upgrade for a while longer.

Will 700 watts be able to power all this, or is the whole 8800gts 640 in SLI route futile with the 465 fermi cards being <$250?
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    Yes. HDD's hardly consume much power to begin with with 6 HDD's would only take up something around 50W on load.

    In fact your PSU is way too overkill for the setup.
  2. Since it will hold the power, the next question is:
    Is it worth the $50 to get the extra card and attempt SLI, or just take the plunge for a new card altogether? I haven't found any benchmarks that show the 8800 gts sli v/s the current generation.
  3. You can a GTX460 1 GB and overclock you proccy a little.

    I wont hurt to have the 8800GT SLI running till you can upgrade your complete config.
  4. You can sell the video card and get a new one that will be used in the future rig too. You can wait a little bit, the prices are dropping.

    To defend its market share, AMD plans to cut prices for its ATI Radeon HD 5000-series GPUs in the near future. The action also serves as preparation for the upcoming Southern Islands GPUs, the sources noted.
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