Repair snapped micro sd card

I work at Sprint and while trying to replace my earpiece I forgot to take my SD card out before I popped off the back and I snapped it. My little brother and sister are adopted and I literally have their whole lives documented in pictures on my card. I live in Dallas and they are in Houston. These kids mean the world to me. Please tell me there's something I can do.
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  1. You have their whole lives on this card? I mean seriously you never thought to upload them to a computer or make a cd?

    How exactly does working at Sprint fit into your question???

    Replace your earpiece? A earpiece with an sd card? What are you talking about?
  2. If you take it to professional data recovery, they will most likely desolder and transfer the card's memory to an identical card, or to a jig. That's assuming that the chip isn't damaged ...
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