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Hey guys hopefully you can help out. I'm getting a pc soon in trade it has everything but the case. I don't know how this card will perform tho. I will be gaming at 1280x720 on a 32 inch HDTV, the card is a evga
here's the parts
e8400 stock cooler, gigabyte p45-ds3l
2x1 crucial ddr2 800mhz ram
seagate 320 gb hard drive with windows 7 64bit
antec earthwatts 430watt psu
DVD drive can't remember what brand lol
evga 8800gs video card

I'm gonna get a antec 300 case and aftermarket cooler for the e8400 and hopefully hit 3.8ghz or higher. Eventually I'm gonna get 4gb of ram, and a better video card. I'd say 2-3 months before I get the ram and a new video card. Likely a 9800gtx+ or a hd4870. I just have to make it a few months til I have the cash.

I'm gonna mainly play cod4, fallout 3, and dirt 2. How well do you think my framerates will be in those games?? I don't use AA at all or AF. When I play a game I'm playing not site seeing looking at the corners of buildings to see if it has jaggy edges lol. I will get bc2 too, forgot to add that one.

I know the card is weak but it only has to hold me over for a few months. I use a iPhone now for all my Internet usage so I need a pc bad and this seems good enough to get me going. I can't find benchmarks of the 8800gs easily on this iPhone, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could post a link to a benchmark with cod4 so it will give me a good idea of my frame rate plus feel free and chime in to tell me what you think.

I think it shouldn't be too bad since the CPU is a good dual core, my resolution is extremely low and I don't use AA or AF. I would like to use at least medium settings. High would be better and highest is probably out of the question. Thanks guys I appreciate any and all help..
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  1. With a Core 2 Duo X6800 and 2GB of RAM, the 9600 GSO, essentially a rebranded 8800 GS, manages to get 40 FPS average in CoD 4 at 1280 x 1024 resolution at maximum settings, with 4x AA and 16x AF, which means you'll probably be getting around 45 FPS average at 1280 x 720 resolution, and if you overclock the E8400, possibly a bit higher.

  2. OC the e8400 will not improve FPS. OC the 8800GS will give slight FPS improvements from lmeow's stats above.
  3. Overclocking the CPU will up the framerate that's a fact, you can look at any benchmark where the CPU gets overclocked .6ghz or higher and the framerate goes up.

    Well you say I get 45 fps I'm not using AA at all
  4. Quote:
    Overclocking the CPU will up the framerate that's a fact, you can look at any benchmark where the CPU gets overclocked .6ghz or higher and the framerate goes up.

    Well you say I get 45 fps I'm not using AA at all

    you are wrong and its not a fact. OC your CPU will only improve your FPS if the CPU is a bottleneck in the system. In your system, the GPU is clearly the bottleneck.

    here is the a benchmark with the E8400, Q9550, and i7-920. Both quads are much better gaming CPUs then the E8400 but when teamed with an ATI 4850 ( a video card far better then the 8800GS) the FPS remains flat even with the better CPU.

  5. I'm gonna have to argue with you on this one lol.
    I know when I had my old intel rig with a e8400 and a 8800gt at 1280x720p
    on the lost planet demo when I overclocked the CPU to 4.2 ghz and ran the benchmark I got a higher framerate.

    I think that the lower your res is the CPU is taking a pretty good beating, I have my records wrote down somewhere inside I will try to find them.
    I hear you on a gpu bottleneck but at the same time tho at such a low res the CPU is working harder. Let me find my stuff real quick lol.

    I'm not trying to start a crap fest between me and you I'm just going off my records that I did before. I'll find my log book real quick and I'll post the results and maybe you can tell me what's going on. I'm by far not a pro when it comes to pc gaming I'll admit that but it's hard to agree with you about a CPU overclock not making a difference when I did it before logged it and had higher fps with the CPU overclocked. I'll be right back
  6. Ok here is my record from lost planet demo
    1280x720 CPU at 3.0ghz 8800gt stock clock snow-109 cave-61fps
    1280x720 CPU at 3.6ghz 8800gt stock clock snow-110 cave-72fps

    The snow benchmark isn't as CPU demanding as the cave benchmark, that's why I got a higher framerate with the CPU overclocked. Granted it was only 11fps with the CPU at 3.6ghz but when I took it to 4.2ghz I hit 79fps which is a 18fps difference.

    I'm just going off my own references here, this is actual tesing hat I had did and recorded myself now here it is with the video card overclocked

    1280x720 CPU 3.0ghz 8800gt at 804-1200-2000 snow-120 cave-62
    1280x720 CPU 3.6ghz 8800gt at 804-1200-2000 snow 125 cave-72
    1280x720 CPU 4.2ghz 8800gt at 804-1200-2000 snow 132 cave-80

    this is testing done by me at 1280x720. There was a framerate increase with the CPU overclocked as I said before it made a difference and was a fact as I did my own testing.

    I honestly feel the lower your res is the more stress it puts on the CPU not the gpu, as the res gets higher it puts more load on the gpu as it has to fill in those extra pixels. Sorry to argue with you man but in my own testing overclocking your CPU at 1280x720 definately made a difference..

    When I get my new rig up and running I will do the exact same test again. All I have to do is dl the lost plane demo to run the bnchmark. The CPU this time is a e6850 3.0ghz Conroe core not a e8400 sorry and the video card will be a evga 8800gs.

    So well just have to wait and see when I get my stuff next week and what the results are. I'll keep my records with the old hardware and record it with the new so I can see how big of a difference it is. I know I had no trouble before gaming cod4 with that old setup, it ran butter smooth but this time around I do have a weaker CPU and a weaker video card...
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