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Ok So I have 2 285s in SLI when I used the 186.18 drivers they worked great no issues what so ever but they didnt work with bc2. So I was forced to update. Since then I have tried every new driver that has come out. I uninstalled the drivers properly used driver sweeper in safe mode...the works but every driver has given me issues. Not only have i lost fps in call of duty games but when I load the maps sometimes the screen goes black and then comes back but sli drops out. It happens at random and its really annoying. Anyone else have issues with the latest nvidia drivers? I used to think they were great but they are becoming like ATI worst drivers ever.
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  1. I've not had any issues at all but then I have never liked driver sweeper programs as they sometimes delete files they shouldn't.
  2. Wow... nVidia have driver issue's, who would have thought it.
  3. Do any of you guys run SLI? I have talked to a few people and they havent had any issues either but they were not running SLI. Also sometimes when I load MW2 maps the screen goes black and stays that way. Its really annoying.
  4. My SLi rig had no such issues with MW2.
  5. hmm that sucks i wonder what it is because i have tried every driver since the 186.18 and they have all caused the same issue...I have even done a full reformat and it still was giving me crap
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