Intel XEON CPU Good or Bad Deal?

Hello I am thinking on building a new computer and since I'm sort of don't have that much experience with buying CPU's I was wondering if this was a good deal or not and is this a good processor?

Intel XEON CPU Processor 3.6GHz
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  1. Why are you even bothering.? Are you looking for an upgrade.? Basically, it is not worth it.. Not even at that price..
  2. Just to let you know, this is a server chip hence the 604 PGA setup:

    Those are the technical specs.

    Since it is on the 90nm process, it is a server processor based off of the Prescott core.

    Now it does support 64bit but the CPU is from 2005 and you will have a damn hard time finding a mobo to support it that will have everything that a desktop board has such as PCIe, high definition sound and so on.

    So in short, that CPU is not a good deal. It too old and probably wont perform anywhere near what you want compared to current day CPUs.
  3. Unless you have an ancient server board you want to keep running that CPU is useless, its for Socket 604 and is based on the older netburst architecture like Pentium 4's are.
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