Memory speed not listed as in BIOS?

Hello, hello!

Well, I have been building my rig the past 5 months and I've decided to upgrade my RAM. I've always found help while building it, here, with the Tom's Hardware Community, so I thank you in advance for reading and helping out.

Before specifying the question, let me just post something that may be useful to whoever lands here:
I found myself struggling with the fact I had bought 3 sets of 4GB RAM, equalising a total of 12GB and I could only get 8GB to be 4 were "Hardware Reserved". You just google for "Total memory not showing up" and you'll find too many answers and questions to why this happens.

As for me, I've been tweaking with voltage/frequency and all sorts of set-up in the BIOS, but it was only when I decided to fully remove both heat sink and processor I found the cause: one small gap on the 1366 socket, a backwards bent pin. I panicked, lol, "OH GOD!", I said. After reading a bit I decided to have a go myself and with a very sharp kitchen knife (to fit between the small gaps) I managed to flip it back to position. Now why do I post this? Because I was absolutely sure there was no way I had bent pins, because I was very careful installing the processor! This may happen to you as well. Most likely it happens when you're setting up the heat sink on top of the processor, as you have to apply some force so the heat sink "legs" get to the other side of the motherboard, causing it to slide up and down close to the already locked processor socket. This single pin caused my DIMM 1 slot to be unusable.

Now for my main question, after having the full 12GB recognized in both BIOS and Windows, I am not sure if my memory clock speeds are right...please have a look at both screen shots taken from CPU-Z:

And the SPD tab:

My BIOS has a predefined profile (I'm not sure if it came embed in the RAM modules) which is XMP, that shows target clock to 1600MHz. It seems it's working at around 790MHz? Am I missing something? I haven't change voltages, they are running at 1.50V, and the modules are identical.

Help appreciated! Thanks in advance, once again!
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  1. Oh, well, well, haven't I made myself look stupid. :sarcastic:

    I've come across a thread on Corsair at a similar problem, which clearly answered my question. I quote:

    Dual data rate memory is called dual data because it transfers data 2 times per clock cycle. So, DDR1066 operates at 533mhz. You are actually at DDR1070 according to your screenshots so your memory is operating correctly.

    Doing the math, 790 * 2 ~= 1580, which is basically the 1600Mhz...yea...

    Anyways as not to waste so many information, I am still curious as to why it sais Max Bandwidth PC3-10700H (667Mhz).

    Sorry for any inconvenience!
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