Gddr4 vs Gddr3

I stucked in choosing these two cards..

HIS HD 4670 IceQ 1GB (128bit) 850 MHz DDR3 PCIe

Which is better?

The sapphire is Gddr4 and Memory Clock: 1100MHz, 2200 Mbps...
The HIS card is Gddr3 but it has 1gb of memory and slightly lower Memory Clock that is 1700 MHz..

Can the card runs on these?

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  1. The DDR type wont be making major differences!I recommend DDr3 Hd 4670 since it has 1 gb of memory!
  2. what're the rest of that rig's components?

    if priced equally (or the difference in price is roughly 5$),i'd take the gddr4 variation

    but then again 12amps on that +12v rails makes me wanna think twice.
  3. The GDDR4 model will be faster. faizy b kk is wrong. The 4670 is not powerful enough to make use of 1GB of memory anyway. The higher clock speeds of the GDDR4 model will be faster.
  4. Best answer
    Just go on price,
    There will be no noticable differance in performance, 1 or 2 FPS is all. The HIS card in my experiance will be the better quality card and as you said its an Ice Q version it will come with the cooler that exhausts the hot air out of the back of the case which i prefer over the standard fan which simply circulates air within the case.
    It really is too close to call on performance but teh GDDR 4 will be that little bit faster, as i said not a lot but a little.

  5. i told you so!!!!!!! It wont make outstanding differences if you get ddr4,Anorte!!!!.It will be more expensive and power consumption may also be a issue.
  6. 1GB vs 512mb in a 4670 will make no difference at all, the 4670 lacks the speed to efficiently use all that memory.

    I would personally go with sapphire, besides being slightly faster, HIS support does not have a stellar reputation when dealing with their customers.
  7. Will it be able to run on my PSU?
    12A on +12 made me worry..
  8. Yes it will be fine it takes all its power from the motherboard so doesn't need extra power cables.
    I have looked at some reviews regarding this, Standard GDDR3 4670 Vs GDDR4 4670 and the HIS 4670 Vs a standard GDDR3 4670 and both the GDDR4 Sapphire card and the HIS card come out on average 2% faster than the standard GDDR3 card.
    3% @1024 x 768 and downwards from that.
    So based on that the cards will be very close together performance wise, I'm guessing based what i know that you may get slightly better minimum FPS with the GDDR4.
    As far as support goes then you can really only go on experience, ct1615 says HIS are bad, I have owned 3 HIS cards and never needed them. Others i have seen say Sapphire are bad, again never needed them so i couldn't begin to guess which would be best from that stand point.
    If you are just wanting to plug it in and forget about it then the GDDR 4 is probably where you should go. Personally i like the HIS card for the reasons i mentioned above which means it has a better chance of overclocking to a better/ higher degree.
    At the end of the day you wouldn't be doing much wrong in my book if you just went with a gut feeling or got the one you liked the look of best, it really is that close.

  9. One thing that does spring to mind now i posted, which is typical :lol:
    The HIS card uses a cooler that will take up two slots or to put it another way the card will ge twice as wide as a standard Sapphire one so that may make your choice for you. Take a look and see.

    Mactronix :)
  10. mactronix said:
    ct1615 says HIS are bad, I have owned 3 HIS cards and never needed them. Others i have seen say Sapphire are bad,

    I have never owned a HIS, although I have owned Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, XFX, and EVGA. If you search through this forum though you will read several horror stories about HIS tech support, more then any other manufacturer. Hence why I would pick Sapphire over HIS any day but that is my personal feelings about HIS.
  11. Ok thanks very much..

    I choose the gddr4..

    If 4670 cannot make use of its 1gb memory.. Why they build it??
  12. It is a marketing gimmick. Many mid to low end cards have way more memory than they can actually use....and everyday people who do not know any better see them and think...."Wow more must be better right?" never knowing they are being had. Sometimes these cards actually perform worse than the cards with less.
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