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i just want to know that my PC running temp is safe for prolong usuage or not, so plz justify on my PC.

i3 530 3.3 GHz OC (65 max)
500 GB HDD WD (40 max)
5670 512MB DDR 5 (stock speed) (65 max)

my normal room temp is around 30C and may go up to 32C in summer.

plz comment
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  1. Those are fine temps, GPU is well below max temp, CPU is inside safe range, thats a fine max temp.
  2. should i need to revert OC to clock speed if my current max temp is around the limit (i'm using stock cooler)

    what should be the max limit for CPU and GPU.

  3. Max for the GPU is 100C so you are well below there, you arent very close to your max temp which is like 70C for the i3's i believe, if you want to drop that temp a bit you could grab an aftermarket cooler and that should help quite a bit.
  4. so this 100C max CPU temp i don't need to restore to normal clock and max 100C GPU temp mean i can make some OC to my GPU, isn't it?

    for a little boot from ATI driver (10.7) about 75MHz GPU and 50MHz VRAM boot, will the temp still safe and will i get some performance boot?
  5. or can i puch the CPU to 3.6GHz with stock cooler?
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