New build wont turn on

I'm trying to get my old computer working for my daughter and its not going well.

It's actually doing something weird I've never seen before. I know all these components used to work b/c I had them running recently. Only thing new is the case

So I have the mobo sitting inside the case with just the cpu and ram in. I plug in the PSU and it starts up immediately without hitting the power button on the case. Then just turns off after about 3 seconds. pressing the power button doesn't do anything, but when I unplug the power button connector from the mobo and plug it back in it fans sping up again for 3 secs. Very weird problem. I'm wondering if mabye the power switch on the case is faulty since its the only new thing I've added to this build. puzzling
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    It could be the power switch and/or the PSU. Might try plugging in all of the case things and then unplugging the psu from the wall and from itself, and then plugging the power back into the PSU and into the wall. Make sure the little switch on the PSU is "on". Thats all ive got.
  2. Sounds like a short of some sort. Can you confirm that all of the mobo standoffs are in the proper position?
  3. Yeah make sure EVERYTHING is plugged in too... i think theres two coming from the PSU. Thats off the top of my head dont quote me on that.
  4. So I took my case out and used the power switch on my case and it works. lol... I would have never known a power switch on the case could cause so much trouble. That's what I get for buying a cheapo case.
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