SSD question regarding firmware updating.

So I have ordered a Kingston 240GB HyperX 3K, I want to update the firmware as It fixes some of the TRIM issues, BSOD and increases your write speed or something. I was looking at the SSD update manual and it says to just select the drive, press update and restart. However their have been many people who have experienced update errors etc...

An so I was reading THIS page.

An if you look the guy said that if you are running the SSD as a boot drive you have to update is as a seperate one, thats why I think many people have had hanging issues updating their SSDs, but no were in the manual does it say it can't be your boot drive so WTF. So does this mean before doing anything to my computer I should connect the SSD and update the firmware while booting on my HDD. I srly don't want to *** my drive up becuase SCAN are *** for RMA I have herd.
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  1. That SSD has a Sandforce SSD controller. I know for a fact that the Sandforce SSD can be updated while acting as the boot drive but I will stop short of saying that it is definitely safe. I recommend using PartedMagic or another Linux based LiveCD to update the firmware.

    Your solution of booting from the HDD would work fine though
  2. So I diffidently wont *** up my drive? I herd SCAN are bad for RMAs.
  3. dazeerr said:
    So I diffidently wont *** up my drive? I herd SCAN are bad for RMAs.

    The chances of you screwing it up are nil if you flash it while booted from the HDD. If you flash it while booted from the SSD the chances are still extremely remote. If you flash it and it breaks, contact Kingston for an RMA
  4. Sound man, thanks.
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