New Rig Temp Problems

I just finished building this thing and I jumped right into loading up an OS. I leave to go smoke a cig and come back to find it turned off.. So I try again watching it this time and I see it first hand just turning off. I go to bios and I see my worst nightmare... cpu runnig at 105 degrees C!!!!!!

Opening up the rig to see if my hsf is working I notice a wire blocking fan. I unblock it, leaving PSU out of box so I can watch it. I boot and temps start at 73 degrees and climb all the way up to 100 before cutting off.

F Me. How should I solve this.. I am to scared to turn it on and I am positive I mounted the HSF correctly so I dont want to remove it and ruin the thermal grease.


Core i3 530
Stock HSF
Gskill ddr3 2 gigs...
Kingston SSDNow 64 Gigs...
ZOTAC H55ITX-wifi H55 mini ITX board
Apex MI100-bk Mini ITX board...

As you can tell this is an HTPC... thanks for help
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  1. Do you have a spare tube of thermal paste? Because it really seems like you mounted the HSF improperly, I don't see really any other way it could climb to 100°C. Did you make sure all the pins are through and it's mounted flat/evenly?
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