HP Pavilion in So called "Homebuilt" system

I went to my wife’s cousin and she recently purchased a new computer form the company in south Florida. It was sold to her as a custom built system. When I arrived I checked out the specs to the computer to see if she got a good deal. In side is a HP Pavilion a4313w (Same specs as the one at HP minus the PCIe modem and a 400w power supply) inside a no name case. Not only that the power and Harddrive LEDs do not work (Plugged in backwards), Reset Button is unplugged, the blank off plate is missing where he removed the modem. He installed windows 7 Home Premium x64 OEM yet no COA on case and no disk (HP provides no disk, YET HP has software installed to make recovery disks). He didn’t even install her printer.

At Walmart you can pick up the HP Pavilion a4313w With a 18.5 viewable widescreen LCD for $448. She was charged $600+tax for just the tower with Office 2010 Beta, Avast Free Atnivirus (He told her he gave her a year of antivirus), Nero 7 Essentials, and VLC Media player.

I told her to get her money back and I can get her a better system with Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium x64 and Office 2010 Student for around the same price. I didn’t hook up the reset button or the LEDs because I want him to see all the problems with the computer and refund her money.

If he does not take care of her I will post his company info here, so no one else has to get ripped off by this guy.

Thanks for letting me vent

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  1. People are had for suckers every day in South Florida! The guy probably was a car salesman before.
  2. I say post his info here anyways, the "company" is giving honestly skilled techs a bad name - this shiester deserves to be exposed!
    I am a member of at least 7 forums so let's think exponentiality of information!
  3. Don't forget to hit BBB.org. I'm sure they will want to know and have greater reach than even here for the technically uniformed.
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