OCZ Vertex 4 Issue

The situation is this:

I just installed an OCZ Vertex 4 as my new system drive. I installed windows off a bootable usb. When the system goes to reboot it gives me an error stating boot img not found or something similar. When I got into bios and look at the listing of installed drives, it lists my storage drive but not my OS drive. Oddly though, when I go to change the order of bootable drives it shows up on the list. Also, the drive storage amount does show up under the list of bootable drives, just not the name. It's a very strange issue and after deleting the partition, formatting the drive and reinstalling windows, the issue isn't resolving.

I have a gigabyte board, the GA-MA790XT-UD4P.
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  1. Have you tried the latest BIOS?

    FWIW, AMD's SB850 chipset has known detection problems with some HDDs (eg Samsung SpinPoint F3). Your southbridge is an AMD SB750. Perhaps there is some obscure compatibility issue???
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