[Solved] Motherboard, CPU, or PSU dead? (help)

plugged something new inti USB and PC froze. Now I only get the Compaq flash screen and is hangs v3.14 in the corner. the bios never loads. I tried clearing cmos but may have done it wrong and made matters worse (moved jumper to clear, then booted then moved backand booted). same result it still never loads bios. i removed the battery and reseated it. the hard drive spins so i know it is not the psu. i disconnected evrything and reseated cards and memory still same thing.

one more thing, fan spins really fast then slows down.
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  1. you did not say which operating system. you probably need to do a REPAIR INSTALL of the operating system, which does not erase your personal files. Well, the bios could be caved too.
  2. freezes before bios loads
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