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I got my FT02 case last night and man was I surprised at the size of the box. Its bigger then I thought. The box was a tad beat up by UPS which dismayed me, but the packing was such that the case was in great shape.

Anyways, I spent last night assembling my computer in the case, and taking my time, not rushing. Of course there is always one thing that gets missed and in this case it was the I/O shield. I noticed it missing as I'm plugging everything in.

Given the case's design, I'm not sure if it would fit in the first place or needed but that's why I'm here asking.

Would I be better served to add the IO shield in the case in its designated location or just go "naked" without.

By the way, I'm blown away at how quiet this puppy is, and how cooler my computer is. I was in an antec 300 case with an H50 cpu cooler. The idle temps before the disassemble was around 45c (ambient temps were probably 25 - 30c). Afterward with the new case and cooler my temps were down to 35c A whole 10 degree dfference and that's before the thermal paste sets up (if it even needs to cure)

I'm a little unhappy with some of the cable management. This is the fault of the case, but the jumbled mess of cables that's part of the earthwatts 650. I'm happy with that PSU but a modular case would have worked much better. Still I had to string a couple of 6 pin power connectors straight from the PSU to the graphics board. They were too short to run them from behind. I may pick up some extension cables and clean up the front further.
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  1. The I/O Shield comes with the motherboard, as different motherboards have different back panel layouts
  2. You misunderstood my question. I failed to put the I/O shield in the case. The one that came from with my motherboard. Since these need to installed before the mobo goes in, there's a fair amount of work that needs to occur to add it.

    My question is given the unique design of the case, does it need to go in. Would the thermal performance improve if its added in, or is it ok to go without it.
  3. It's primary purpose is electrical shielding. You don't really need it.

    Me? If I had discovered that I left it out, it would eventually bother me enough that I would pull the motherboard to install it.

    I need a :shrug: smiley here. :)
  4. That's kind of where I'm at. While I cannot see it, I know there's a gaping hole, and it is bothering me. I want to re-set the cpu cooler, along with re-applying MX-3 this weekend. I think I'll take that opportunity to slide the mobo out of the way and insert the i/o shield.

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