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Hi, I am new here and I have a problem with my Realtek audio. Following a shortcircuit at the speaker otput, it came on the screen, that the have been disconnected. Since, I can not activate the speaker or headphone output. On the speaker it says that no speaker is not connectet. Only the digital output is working. I connected a bluetooth AV audio and this works fine.
My computer is the Fujitsu esprimo Q5020 with the AOpen I965GMX-IF motherboard. I should also mention that I have absolute no knowledge about computers!!!
Any help is highly apreciated.

Thank you all
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    Well if you had a 'short-circuit' you may have permanently damaged a portion of the audio output circuitry.

    You can also try to reinstall the driver by uninstalling the Audio drivers. The simplest way is to open the Device Manager**, and [+] expand the Sound, video and game controller 'tree', right-click Uninstall on ALL of the listed items listed underneath. Restart.

    ** Device Manager - Start, right-click My Computer, select Properties and click Device Manager.

    This will reinstall all of the Drivers that were removed and potentially correct a corrupt driver and/or registry entry.

  2. Hii, Thank you for the advice.
    I have done it (uninstalling and reinstalling) but no changes at all :(
    I think you are right with the permanent damage to the audio circuit but is there a way to repair it?? As said, I do not have any knowledge with computers but I have excellent electronic skills.
    One more thing, when i checke in the device manager, the realtek audio was listet as working ok ??? Would it not indicate any hardware damage??
    The shortcirciut I mentioned was just a blink of an eye and as soon as it happened a message came up, saying that the speaker have been disconnected???
    Any further ideas??

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