HELP! D drive is full!

hi i am new to this stuff and i don't know what is going on in my D drive! It is almost full. I am getting warnings about cleaning unnecessary files. I tried doing that but it didn't clean anything! So, i guess they are important files such as backup or recovery files! I really have no idea if i can delete these files??

Picture of D drive:

Picture of files inside it:

I just want to know if i can delete these files? If No why??
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  1. What is the size of that WindowsImageBackup folder ?

    Also, are there any files you can move to another drive, and/or burn to a data dvd ?

    When i have files that i'm unsure about keeping, i just burn them to eject-able media. Since DVD-R's are 20 cents a disc, its a relatively cheap alternative.
  2. Best tool for finding out where your space is going:

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