What to chose hd4650 or gt220?

Hi ! Please I need some advices, I have a mini pc acer x1700 with a nvidia 7100 integrated, so I need to upgrade, I can only chose betwen this two hd4650 and gt220 both in low profile or others at the same price(low budget 70E)
The problem is my 220W psu, so I need to know wich of these 2 gpus is the safest for my 220w, and wich one is better is a big diference betwen them since they cost about the same +-70Euros ?
I can„t change the psu is custom acer stuff
I can”t buy better & more expensive ones
I wont overclock to much maybe I wont at all
I need it just to play some games such as gta4 assasins creed2 etc on medium no AA with a max res 1280x720 at+20fps
System: aspirex1700, cpu e7600core2duo3.06ghz, 2gbram, hdd 320gb, 1dvdrw
Thank you all in advance!
ps: I am sorry if I”ve writen a bit bad, I am not a native in english.
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  1. You should be able to find HD 5570 in your budget, depends on the country. It's better than the two above and consumes less. Strictly between those two, the HD 4650 if it's the GDDR3 version.
  2. aha ok, thx but 5570 comes in a low profile ? I haven”t seen that? low profile gpu are the only tipe of gpu that fits in that tiny case of x1700
  3. uhh sry it does come in a lp as well but is way to expensive for me ... 90E 20E more , but anyway I should be safer with the 4650? I know that this gt220 series are also energy savers...? I live in Spain....
  4. hm.... 10E+ but you know this guys ask you about 15E to deliver the product(it is only online) to your home wich is not much but still u get close to 100 like in all the other shops where you just go and buy your product. So is about the same.
    then gt220 or hd 4650, wich one is better and safer for my 220W psu?
  5. both of them aren't power hungry cards, you can choose whichever you like...
    which one is your Processor?
    Forget GTA4, you will suffer a great lag with those cards...
  6. cpu e7600core2duo3.06ghz
    and i”ve seen gampleys with both of this gpus for gta4 with older cpus than mine with settings at medium-high sure without AA and with a res of 1280x720 with min. 20 fps
    for me even 15fps is playable. i have played assasins creed1 with my 7100 integrated with 4 or 5 fps at max, so 15-20fps is way more than what I am used to
    so then if both would work then wich one is better? from what i have read and see they are quite close some say the gt220 others the ati.... so what do you think?
    the gdr3 version of ati it seems quite hard to find ...
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    okay, with that CPU i guess you can play GTA4 at 1280x720 with medium setting, just like you said above... :D

    I would say get GT220, you will be safer with that card since your PSU is just 220W.
  8. ok many many thx but still is hard as hell to chose for instance above mosox said ”Strictly between those two, the HD 4650 if it's the GDDR3 version”
    But since you say that gt220 is safer then i will go for it :D since these 2 gpu are so close in performance, then gt220:D better safe than sorry I guess...
    Thank you guys for helping me, this site is truly awsome i would never expect that someone will answer so quick, on most forums I wait for an reply for days even weeks. thanks again thanks
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  10. and make sure that card will fit inside your mini case...
  11. mosox said so because HD4650 usually came with GDDR2 version and it's a slow card...
    If you can find HD4650 with GDDR3 version, hhmm, it will beat GT220... :)
  12. sure it has to be a low profile, but gddr3 is impossible to find(in low profile i guess that ati haven”t made this model or... )
    so, gt220, thx again:D
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