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After my PSU failed on me last year I bought an EZCool ATX 700 JSP, now less than I year later, I started noticing the top half of my room had a strong burning plastic/rubber smell, I wasnt aware that it was my computer so I opened my window fully and went to bed.

I then realised that was a good decision, because my computer was on all night and I noticed that the smell was coming from the PSU.

I already ordered a new one, but I was wondering what the cause of this might be? My computer still turns on fine and was running with those fumes coming out of it for about 16 hours, I took the PSU apart completely and blew out all of the dust etc, but the smell still started blowing out the instant I turned the PC on, obviously I'm leaving it off until the new PSU comes because I dont want to risk damaging any other components.

Im pretty sure 700w is more than enough for my setup, I just dont see why there was the burning smell but the computer still functioned fine for so long afterwards.


EZCool ATX 700 JSP PSU (700w)
Asus P5N32E-Plus SLI motherboard
ATI HD4870 1gb (Slightly overclocked)
4gb RAM
Intel Q6600 Quad Core processor ~2.4Ghz (Stock)
WD Caviar Green 1tb HDD
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  1. Your EzCool Psu may not be the quality product you think. Cheap PSUs often lack the voltage and current protection circuits to stop your problem occuring and often don't output the wattage stated in the specs. Never skimp on a PSU but buy a quality branded one if you can next time eg Corsair, Silverstone or read the reviews for good products.
  2. Hopefully you bought a better unit like a Corsair,Antec,Seasonic etc...
    If you replaced it with another EZcool expect another failure.
    Psu's are not to be skimped on.
  3. Thanks, ill keep that in mind.

    Like I said im lucky I kept my window open while I slept, I most likely would have suffocated in my sleep as the room would have filled up with the melting plastic fumes.
  4. No. The smell would probably had woken you unless you are a really heavy sleeper.
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