What is wrong with my motherboard?

I bought a ASrock N68-S UCC, about late December, and it kinda makes me angry that The brand new motherboard in the box with all the manuals etc, are just lying underneath my computer table, so anyway, the reason I'm not using it, is because when I went to install it, it would boot up, then restar, then cycle like that, I had no idea what was causing it and so I dont know much about troubleshooting motherboard (mainly because I have not come across any faulty/broken ones), I would like to get it fixed or RMA'ed how would I do this, or is there any way I can fix it?

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  1. The motherboard should have some means of reporting error codes. They either beep when connected to a case speaker, or they have a 7 segment LED to display numbers. If it has a case speaker header you should connect it so you can hear the error beeps. If there are no errors then what is deisplayed on the screen before it reboots? Have you tried with just 1 of the RAM sticks (assuming you have 2), and try not having the reset header connected to anything, maybe whatever you have it connected to is shorted out.
  2. Yes I have tried 1 stick of RAM, with 2 different ones. Unfortunatley I dont have a speaker.

    Anyway when I try to boot it up now, nothing happens only a slight spin of the CPU fan.
  3. Check to see if you have the Power & Reset connectors from the front panel switches connected to the correct location on you motherboard. Check carefully, it's easy to get them wrong.....

    The LAST time you tried the MB and it would boot & then immediately re-boot.....
    - had your loaded the operating system from scratch? (some folks try to just boot off the hard drive they loaded with an operating system on another computer. Win 7 will Usually start to load, then reboot in an endless cycle....if you try this
  4. Wel the motherboard wont even boot up anymore, this only seems to happen when the 4 pin connector close to the CPU is in.
  5. If you connect the switches wrong, pressing the power button won't turn on the computer, so, I'd check that First.....

    The 4 pin connector near the CPU powers up the CPU. So, without it the MB can't boot up....
  6. Are you trying to boot from a drive that you are booting from in another system?

    That only works in very few cases where the chipset is close enough that the OS can boot and recognize the change and install new drivers for the new chipset it has found itself running on.

    Put your new system together and install you OS of choice.

    You never said where in the boot process that your PC reboots. Is it rebooting immediately after POST? Do you see you OS splash screen before it reboots?

    If you are seeing your OS splash screen... I am thinking your mobo is just fine. It has fast the POST and is now attempting to load your OS from the HD it found.

    But unfortunately, if this is not a clean drive, but a previously running OS on a different mobo and chipset, it is being freaked out be the chipset driver the OS is trying to load.

    Format And Reinstall.

    Best Wishes And Good Luck.
  7. It used to reboot when it enter POST, but now it wont boot, up.

    And yes I did use a HDD from my old system, which had Windows 7, but is the motherboard still working?

    But anyway I will use a old 60GB to test the mobo.
  8. OK so , I have just put the motherboard on th ebench all setup, and The fans spin up and evenrthing but when there is a CPU in it wont spin up, is there something shorting?
  9. Please skype me at itserenity and if and once we can ge this thing working we can post the fix in the forum.
  10. skype? I dont have it, but what about MS messenger?
  11. I just tried my Athlon ii 445 and the fans slightly spins, with my oldd sempron it makes a click noise by the CPU when the PSU is turned on.

    I really think somethings shorting.
  12. I do not MS!

    There are just so many factors when a mobo will not boot.

    Of course you have a micro board... so not a lot to put into it...

    One of the first things I do, is unplug everything not needed. That means everything but monitor, keyboard, mouse, memory and CPU.

    Of course you need the PSU.

    If you can get a POST...

    Can you get to the BIOS "Setup" - by pressing DEL?

    Yes... skip to GOOD START:

    Reset CMOS to factory. Make sure if you do this with the jumpers on the mobo, that the power cord is unplugged, and you have hit the power button to de-energize any capacitors on your system.

    If you clear CMOS with power on the system, it will destroy your cmos. You now have a paper weight.


    If you can see a POST screen, that means the BIOS/CMOS are working and are now checking out the hardware you have attached.

    Then the next step.. connect hard drive....

    Does the POST recognize the HD.

    Next... Connect 1 optical drive.

    Does the POST recognize the optical... does it see the install CD in the drive.

    If you can... down load Nopix... and burn it to a cd... it is a CD bootable version of Linux... if your hardware is fine... this will boot and you can do just about anything.. including surf the net, directly from the cd.

    Then you can go about installing your OS of choice from your installation CD.

    All ways go back to simply basics... keep everything as simply as possible. Don't even put the parts in the case. You could have a grounding issue. Every time I build a machine, it is all laid out on my work bench first.

    You can also get a USB Flash Drive Intall of Ubuntu... and it includes a memory tester, that can burn in your system for a day or so... I use it with every system I build.

    Best Wishes And Good Luck.
  13. OK, look. There is a click noise underneath the CPU when it is in, and the system wont even do anything, when there is no CPU in the fans spin up, there is definatley something shorting by the CPU socket.

    Where do I send it to get it fixed?
  14. Please help?
  15. Do you have any other motherboards? How old it it? is it still in warranty? (I assume you only got it December 2010 so it should be in warranty). Contact the shop you bought it from and tell them it doesn't work. This should have been a "delivered faulty" issue which is usually within 30 days of purchase they'll basically send you out a new one as soon as they get that one back, and they'll covert postage. Since it's been left longer it might have to take a slightly different paperwork path, but it's in warranty so they should send you a new working one. You might want to check your psu and cpus in another board (maybe try the psu on an old system you don't care about) because they might have been damaged, or cause it.
  16. I bought it off ebay, and cant remember a thing about the seller, or anything else.

    When I went to install this motherboard, I thought my PSU was broken at first, and it turned out it did break, but also the motherboard broke, can I get it RMA'ed by ASrock?
  17. Did you get your problem solved?

    Ensure there is no overheating issue with your motherboard.
  18. This is the problem.

    "OK, look. There is a click noise underneath the CPU when it is in, and the system wont even do anything, when there is no CPU in the fans spin up, there is definatley something shorting by the CPU socket.

    Where do I send it to get it fixed?"
  19. Did your WARRANTY get expired? If not then I would recommend for taking advatange of WARRANTY.

    And if it expired already, I doubt you have issue with the Motherboard itself.

    Have you tried testing only CPU FAN test?

    Remove all the accessories, then connect your MOTHERBOARD (With CPU installed and power plugged) with Power Supply and try botting it using a Screw set.

    If you do such, does your CPU FAN works?
  20. Read the thread, I really can do anymore test right now, as I have school tmorow, and it 2AM.
  21. brendz155 said:
    Read the thread, I really can do anymore test right now, as I have school tmorow, and it 2AM.

    Whatever details you have provide is not enough to understand your issue properly. More details about the problem is mandatory for any resolve.
  22. Actually he has provided enough details, he said he got it off ebay and can't remember the seller.

    You need to go on your ebay account and look for the item. If they are a shop then contact them, if it was an individual and this is a second hand item you are out of luck with warranty I'm afraid.

    I try not to buy expensive electronics off ebay, especially when they can be found for competitive prices online. You might have to just get a new motherboard, the one you have only costs about £30 from online shops. You might also want to check you have the right RAM, there are versions of your board that take DDR3, and some that take DDR2 and DDR3 but in different slots.
  23. Ebay wont help you, its 45 days since you bought it.

    If you bought it used, it was probably broken already.

    Since you dont have an original receipt Asrock probably wont allow RMA. Ask mommy for a new one.
  24. Ask mommy for a new one agners me, my mother didnt buy it I did, but using my mother ebay account.

    Anyway, I doubt it was broken alredy because, it worked when I had it brand new, the PSU on my system also, broke, and I think it broke the motherboard too.

    It just seems like a shorting under the CPU socket.

    Anyway is there anywhere I can give it at all to fix it?
  25. To try tackel the problem, is there any way you can acctually pull off the CPU socket itself?
  26. If the rig is under warranty. Why try to fix it? RMA and get your money works, thats the main idea of the warranty.
  27. It's not under warranty, I can fix it myself, I dont think for some reason when there is a CPU in, the CPU socket shorts, and prevent startup of the system.
  28. Unplug all the components, remove the CPU use an air dryer with cool air in the CPU socket and try again. Check that you don't have any short in the back side of the mobo and the case.
  29. LOL I meant I cant fix it myself.

    There is no short at the back off the case (I had it on bench), I buy compresse air, but anyway why does it short when the CPU is in?

    And can I take off the CPU socket, where all the pins are?

    Thanks, you've been very helpful.
  30. I found the problem, sadly.

    The motherboard power s up with the CPU, RAM, GFX card, etc.

    I took off the white part of the socket, to revel just the weird pins the the CPU pins contact, and sadly one was broken so I put a very small amount of alu foil in there, and it powers up with the CPU and all that, but now the monitor does not power etc, etc.

    I think I'll just leave it at that.
  31. Sorry heard that, at least you find the problem :lol:
  32. Thanks for all your help anyway.
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