Test a New PSU? (No Mobo yet)


I was wondering if there is a safe way to test a new PSU with relatively limited components... I would like to ensure that I did not receive a DOA before sending in the rebate.

However, I am picking components up as they come available for the prices I am looking for- and do not want to rush to purchase the rest of the system before the rebate lapses (30 day).

Thankfully, the PSU I picked up is supposed to be a good one- so even if I cannot test it I will feel better than if I had gone with an OCZ.

Components on Hand:
- XFX Black Edition 750W PSU (based on Seasonic)
- CM Storm Sniper Black Edition Case (3 fans)
- Samsung Spinpoint F3 HDD

I have not built a PC from scratch before- and I assume it is not as easy as plugging the PSU cables into the Case Fan cables and calling it a day, but maybe it is... =)

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    This video shows you how to test a power supply without installing it in a system:
  2. Edit ; Henry posted the vid, before I got back from heating up my coffee
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