Low Cost AMD SLI capable Mobos?

Im going to be putting together a new Rig in about a week ..
I want a low cost 110$ or less Mobo ..
Its gotta have :-
1. DDR3 16GB or more 1333MHz
2. 2x PCI x16 (x8/x8)
3. 6+ USB 2.0 slots
4. USB 3.0 not needed but a real plus
5. 4+ SATA II ports
6. PCI express slots, etc

my rig is gonna have ..
1. AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE
2. EVGA GeForce GTX 570
3. G-Skill DDR3 1333MHz RAM 8GB 4x2
4. SamSung SpinPoint F3 1TB
5. Cooler Master HAF 922
6. Adequete 550W PSU (Which I havent chosen yet)

Thanks .. :)
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  1. You do realize that only Lucid Hydra and Nvidia chipset-based AM3 motherboards support SLI. Any AM3 motherboard with a AMD chipset probably won't support SLI, only Crossfire. When you look at the Lucid Hydra and Nvidia chipset based motherboards available you'll see that the Lucid based boards are quite expensive, and the Nvidia chipsets reportedly aren't as high of quality as AMD chipsets.

    There are still some Nvidia chipset based boards that meet your requirements, but it's still slim pickings as far as selection is concerned.
  2. I know that the selection is far less ..that's why I posted this here ..
  3. My understanding is the 990fx chipset due out in the next month or so will meet most of your requirements save for price,i suspect though the 990x chipset might come closer
  4. hmm ..and how much would a mobo with that chipset cost ..?
  5. The cheapest Intel P67 Motherboard with SLI is $140, a 990X might be a tad less.

    I wouldn't let the chipset snobs turn you off the nVidia chipsets:
  6. P67 ..?? uh thanks stardude ..but i kinda wanna go AMD for now ..
    im keepin my options open ..done my surveys on Intel ..now AMD time ..
  7. You want to run $700 worth of SLI'd nvidia cards on a "inexpensive" AMD board?
    I would really rethink this if I were you. There is a reason why there are so few, if any choices for what you are trying to do.
  8. If you get a powerful video card like the GTX 570/HD 6970 you don't need SLI. And a 550W PSU isn't good for SLI.
  9. id need 750w at least i know .. :P
    and jitpublisher ..the price quality index isnt always relevent ..700$ of GPU would fine im sure ..the price quality index wouold be relevent with the PSU ..wouldnt it ..?
  10. I referenced the P67 because boards between the two makers tend to be similarly priced with AMD boards being somewhat less in price. Since the 990x isn't out, I'm giving my best estimate. As it stands, the highest price 890FX is only $230 on Newegg compared to $340 for a P67.

    I still don't think nVidia chipsets are all that much different than the AMD ones now. If you look at the reviews on Newegg, it's not like nVidia boards are any worse reviewed. If you look at the best ASUS boards, the nVidia based one has more 5 egg reviews.
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