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I have a 256gb crucial M4 SSD. My question is if i bought lets say a 60gb vertex 4 and used it as a cache drive, would my computer be any faster than it already is, or does a SSD cache drive only make a regular HDDs faster?

Thank you in advance!

Sorry if this question was already asked somewhere I just like posting my own questions :)
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  1. Having your swap on a second SSD will improve speed if the system isn't already maxed out.

    but for the cost at the moment the only real reason you would need this is if you work in digital editing, photoshop, 3d animation or running any software that has it's own swap.
  2. I bought an OCZ SSD to use a cache drive for photoediting with Lightroom. This was a waste of money. :pt1cable: The constant caching of thumbnails eventually worn out the SPEED of the SSD. That is, the SSD still reliably hold data, but the wear-levling algorithm now causes monumental fragmentation of the files. The thumbnail files are constantly getting 'blown' to bits by the SSD wear-leveling: into 10-100's of segments. As such, the files are now (after 6 months) read as fast as from a good HDD. I've finally moved on to using a RAMDISK as a cache drive. Admittedly, the available size is considerably smaller than an SSD, but much, much faster and not prone to permanent fragmentation. :bounce:
  3. chugginmilk said:
    , or does a SSD cache drive only make a regular HDDs faster?

    Correct; there are no performance benefits to be gained by using a SSD to cache a SSD.
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