Linksys WRT54G v2.1 + Comcast ISP + Windows XP = games are unplayable

Hopefully this issue can be resolved.

I am currently running Windows XP Service Pack 3, using a Linksys WRT54G v2.1 router that was recently hard reset, and is approximately ten yards from my wireless card, an ASUS 802.11g Network Adapter that is up-to-date and has no issues detected from Windows. Comcast is my ISP. The service we pay for is "15mbps maximum", which running wired I was able to configure up to 22mbps by changing registry keys and such around. However, using this set-up wirelessly now, my download speed's maximum has been cut to a third of it's normal amount (if it can even reach that), and games are pretty much unplayable. In games such as Counter-Strike Source, I get 40 "loss" with standard rates. In World of Warcraft, my connection is solid for about four or five seconds, then easily shoots up from anywhere from 2000 - 15000ms until I either disconnect or log out. I've tried changing my registry keys around to fit the change to wireless, but nothing has worked. The frameware of the router or any theories based on the Linksys router are unlikely to be true or work because when I was using it with a generic ISP in Wisconsin, on Windows Vista, I actually maintained a stronger connection than I did when I was wired. I'm not sure why that was, but I am inclined to think that it is either Windows XP handling the connection improperly or Comcast just being awful at being wireless.

All help is appreciated. I'd just love to be able to game again. q.q

EDIT: Corrected the router name to WRT54G. I hate that I make that mistake...
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  1. Wireless is usually about half the speed of wired even with good wireless reception. You should try to optimise your reception and avoid interference.

    1) raise the router above furniture level
    2) Experiment with channels (some will work better or worse depending on your environment)
    3) If you can detect strong neighbouring wifi, use a channel 5 stops away from strongest.
    4) Relocate cordless phone base or video sender etc.
    5) Be prepared to move the computer (or at least turn it so your body is not between the router signal and the wireless adapter's antenna).
  2. 1) The router is on a table approximately three feet above furniture level, but my computer is on the second floor, approximately six feet above that.

    2) I think I may of already tried that and there was no change.

    3) Can you elaborate? I do detect a few wireless connections from my neighbors, but they're all pretty much secure and only 2-3 bars.

    4) This may be a logical issue. My phone base is inbetween my computer and my router... actually, it's right next to the Linksys router. Could this possibly be causing issues? If I move it away from the router or at least move it from being inbetween the computer and the router, could the issue be resolved somewhat?

    5) I have the wireless antenna pointing directly towards the direction of the router and my body isn't blocking it. The only thing inbetween the router and my wireless antenna is a medium-sized wall... and sometimes my door.
  3. The general wisdom is that any similar wireless device (cordless phone is the usual culprit) should be moved away. Even changing the phone's frequency doesn't help much because of the 4 channel overlap issue.

    Oddly, pointing the antenna towards the router (and the router antenna toward the computer) doesn't work, I'm told. Apparently vertical is the best.

    If the neighbours' signals are 10% or so I wouldn't worry -- my own signal was only 50% and the neighbour 52% so I had to budge or ask my neighbour to.

    In any case, experiment with channels -- because the environment affects which will work best for you.
  4. I have it pointed "directly" at the router in the sense that it is "facing" the router, but it's still fairly vertical, because if it were actually pointing directly at the router, it'd be aiming towards the floor, kind of.

    When you say experiment with channels, do you mean Properties (of my wireless card)->Advanced tab->WZC IBSS Channel Number? I changed it around a few times, not really seeing any difference, and some of them preventing me from even connecting. If this is something different, then I'd like to try it instead.

    I'll try moving the phone base tomorrow. It's pretty late over here. This is the phone that's six inches away from my router. I'm going to guess that's probably not a good location for it. It also makes a fairly audible static-y sound when you get close enough to it (to hear it), which probably doesn't help either. /shrug
  5. Channel changing starts at the router. See the literature which came with the router or download the manual. It's fairly early over here which is why my responses are rather terse.
  6. Experiment with channels to find the best signal for your house/room shapes.

    Move the phone anyway.
  7. Do you think the phone (that I linked) could at all be the issue or should I try changing channels before relocating the phone?
  8. Alright, I'll definitely try those options out in the morning, thanks a lot.
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