Currently I have a 256gb crucial M4 that is quite fast, but I am looking to make my system unbelievably fast. I want to invest in a second SSD. So my question is do i have to get a second crucial M4 to set up some sort of RAID or can i get a different brand of SSD. My second question is what RAID configuration would give me the best performance out of my SSDs, or would getting a cache drive be a better option?

Thank you in advance

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  1. You don't need exactly the same model. You just need an SSD of at least 256gb (it should be 256gb, not more). You're thinking of RAID 0.
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    Cache drive is totally's a technology w/o a market niche

    If getting high benchmark scores is ya thing, two identical SSD's in RAID 0 would be way to go as the speed would be limited to the slower of the two.

    For typical usage, RAID 0 is like upgrading from a keyboard that can do 300 wpm to one that can do 600 wpm.....would be a good idea except for the fact that the average professional typist does 60 - 80 wpm.

    Other than benchmarks and some very specialized storage intensive apps, ya just won't see any perceivable difference.
  3. raid size will equal the smallest drive in raid
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  5. Thanks for the advice...i think ill just stick with my one ssd for now until it gets full then ill probably get a second
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