Fitting my graphics card on mobo (2 slot card)

So I have an extra 5770 at home that I wanted to put into my work machine - only thing is it doesn't seem to fit on the mother board. There is the correct PCI slot, but it is so high up that the extra slot of the 5770 is hitting the IO panel... Is there a way to make this work, or am I SOL and have to find a 1 slot card or get a new mobo? (the mobo is a 775) The computer is actually fairly decent, it just has a crap workstation graphics card : /. Anyways if there is a solution to this, or a link where someone else has had this answered please let me know. Thanks.
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  1. The card goes in a PCI-E slot not PCI, I'm hoping you just missed the E ?
    Can you post an image of what you mean exactly ? The thing is that the cooler which I'm guessing you mean by Extra slot is on the other side of the card and I'm struggling to see how it can hit the IO panel ?

  2. PCI-E yes.

    So the slot that the PCI-E slot lines up with is the top slot on the case. This is not unique to this case, it would be the same for all cases, becuase the PCI-E is in the topmost spot on my motherboard. The 5770 uses that slot + the slot above, which there is no room for, because the case covers it up in the thin strip between the IO panel and the first card slots... does that make sence? There is nowhere for the ports to pop out at in the back. Imagine my board looks something like this:

    and i need the slot that the pci-e is, and the one above it - only in any case there is no spot above it, because that is where the IO panel is.
  3. What is the make of the card ?
    You see the thing that has me stumped here is that looking at the picture you have given me which is as you say the same for almost all boards and cases, IE the top slot is primary graphics slot if its a dual slot board or that's where it is on a single slot board and the IO stuff is generally just above that. So given that. Then i have to say that the connectors that line up with the slot come out at the top and the second set come out below it on every GPU i have ever fitted, not above. that's what has me stumped.

    Anyway if it is as you say, I'm not calling you a liar i just have never seen a card built that way around before, then the only option you have is to either get a small dremel etc and cut a slot yourself or if that's not possible then I'm afraid its a different card.

  4. It is gigabyte, and yea, they actually put it above. So it is pretty freaken retarded : (, ah well, last thing I will do is try to pull the whole bloody thing out of the case and just play w/o a case... at work... ah well. The mobo I have at home can handle 3way sli (lga1366) but I don't ever have time when I'm at home nayways : /
  5. I had the same problem. I just bent it outward my card fit right in.
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