Vertical dot lines on bootup, caused by bad graphic, psu or bios?

I have integrated graphics Ati xpress 200. Award Bios. Acer Aspire T630. Windows xp home.
Vertical dot lines appear ONLY on acer logo bootup screen. Next appears "we apologize for the inconvience, but windows did not start successfully" black screen giving different booting options:
safemode with networking
safemode with command prompt
last known good configuration
start windows normally

tried all option and pc keep restarting straightaway.
what to do?
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  1. Could be anything. Try to boot from a CD. If you have nothing use ultimate boot CD, found in the troubleshooting guide linked in my sig.

    If you can boot from CD then it's likely an OS or HD issue.
  2. The issue of screen distortion during the BIOS/bootup screen indicates an issue with the integrated GPU. It is also possible that the PSU is starting to act up, but I lean towards the GPU at this time. Do you have access to a discrete GPU you could install and verify? Also, how clean is the inside of your system? Could be a heat issue affecting the GPU if you have an infestation of dust bunnies and hair balls.
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