Gaming Consoles to use Fusion?

As of late, the technology is still young with Intel Sandy Bridge and around the corner Fusion for AMD, but as the APU technology rears it's curious head, it is only a matter of time before the question of whether or not Console designers are going to attempt to use monolithic cores with both CPU/GPU power. Will it be enough for next gen consoles?...

As soon as Fusion launches, all indications point to AMD's offerings being a bit better solution than that of Intel's in potentially all segments. But even still, Microsoft/IBM have teamed up to make the Vejle offering which is a combination of CPU/GPU onto a single 45nm chip. (IBM triple-core / ATI graphics core) This design is still new though but looks to have future potential. More on that here:,11146.html

So, as 2012 seems to be the time frame for the release of next gen consoles, the question remains... Will the future of Sandy Bridge/Fusion/Vejle be enough to power the demands of the upcoming consoles and games?

If i had to guess, i would say that Fusion would take an early lead and be the best possible candidate for this if any...

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  1. I find it very unlikely that the consoles would use any CPU or GPU from the consumer segment, because of the power and size restraints on a console they need to get one custom built for them. Combining them does have the advantage of leaving only one hot object that needs cooling so the cooling system can be a bit less complex and hopefully a bit more efficient which the 360 definitely needs.
  2. Right, and this is what Microsoft seems to have done with Vejle, but i am sure that if Fusion could be a bit customized for consoles, this is going to be a viable option for all consoles across the board...
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