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A few years ago, a class action lawsuit was arranged by consumers upset over ATI's supposedly erroneous claim of being "HDCP compliant" and "HDCP capable." I bought a 9800xt a few years back and was eligible for the lawsuit. Thinking that I wouldn't lose anything by participating, I signed the necessary forms online and submitted them.

A few days ago, I received a white box in the mail that I had no idea what it was for. I opened it up and it was an HD 4650 from ATI as settlement for the case!

Yay for free video cards!

Anyone else get one? :kaola:
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  1. Lol 2 years delivery time, nice. Congrats on the free card :D.
  2. A 4650 ?? -- you'd think they would at least send a new gen card instead of clearing out the oversupply of last gen cards in the warehouse !
  3. I blame the USPS :P

    I have no idea what I'll use it for though. I'll probably end up keeping it as a backup card in case anything happens to mine. Maybe at the most I might build a cheapy HTPC with it so I can stream shows to it without having to convert it to a format that my 360 likes.
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    wow, a free card, congratulation... :)

    yeah, you can use that 4650 as a paper-weight... :lol:

    is it enough as a backup of your GTX 285? :D
  5. @wa1, yeah really. A big paperweight XD

    It would be enough to boot in case my display stopped working and I needed to troubleshoot (lol rhyme). I had a 9800 gx2 previously and it burnt out and I didn't have a backup card. I had to secretly use my girlfriend's 260 to test on my system to confirm that it was my video card that had died.
  6. At least the 4650 would beat out any onboard video chipset lol
  7. It is obvious that ATI sent you an HDCP card that is as close to the performance of your old card as possible.

    Good new is that the 4650 is a lot faster!
  8. Man, I just realized that when I said "A few years back" that it was actually about 6 years ago. Bit more than a "few". :( I feel old.
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