Any experience with DH67CLB3?

Has anyone tried this Intel motherboard? Looking to use it with an I5-2500k. Has great specs, priced ~$115 (including shipping), LGA1155, H67 chipset, etc. Yet I can hardly find any info about it? Is this a hidden gem or am I missing something?
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  1. It's not really popular around here because it has the non-overclocker H67 chipset. Most review sites will also ignore most boards with that chipset.

    Intel boards are fairly basic but good quality. If you want to use the 2500K's integrated graphics, it would be as good a choice as any. Just don't complain when you can't overclock like a P67 board can.
  2. Thanks, LfS. BTW, I understand it's a non-overclocker H67 (I'm considering it for someone who cares more about the integrated graphics than OCing). It's just that there are quite a few H67 boards out there and they are mentioned and reviewed (with their pros and cons) pretty much like you would expect any other tech product on the market.

    The reason why I asked the question is the total (and I really mean total) silence about this particular board. It isn't reviewed anywhere, it's only sold at very few places and it's not mentioned as an option for even, say, proposed low budget HTPC builds. After all, it IS an Intel product so I was expecting it to make just a bit more of a splash...
  3. Hi normandy201, I was wondering the same thing!

    I too am looking for info on this mobo and don't plan on overclocking either. Only difference is that I plan on using the integrated graphics on the i3-2100. Any luck?
  4. Unfortunately - nothing. This thread is the only thing going (that I know of).

    It's almost like a conspiracy of silence - except it's not an important enough subject to conspire about :p

    Unless someone comes up with something useful at the last moment, we may just have to wing it.
  5. It's a board made by Intel -- it can't be bad. It probably won't be the best performer, but it should be stable and reliable. Like I said in my previous post, it would be as good a choice as any.
  6. i bought d same dh67clb3 .till now no problems... paried it with i3 2100 .. any way its works fine for d time being....
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