Random harddrive freezes. Sometimes internal, sometimes external.

A very odd one here.

During file transfers (lots of random files, sizes, types etc) one of my harddrives will lock up. So far it's happened 10 or so times with only 2 of my 5 drives. I have a main SSD, two 1Tb internals and two USB2.0 2tb externals. So far it's only happened with one internal and one external but it has happened to each several times. I believe it happens to the drive being read from but I may be wrong on that.

The drive becomes inaccessible in My Computer although once or twice it did show contents, although extremely slowly. The only way to then 'fix' the drive is to power it down. With my external powering it off and on works, removing the USB and plugging it back in doesn't. Windows beep-boops and the file transfers etc end when it's unplugged but it won't reappear. The internal, of course, is only powered down with the computer but it fixes it every time.

I should say that I use external for video and this never happens when watching. Apart from file transfers, I don't seem to have any problems. Even my media centre software has scanned all my drives and it never faltered.

A curious thing to note is that if it's the external drive and I try restarting the computer it remains dormant and hangs my boot screen as it tries to check all the drives, only tugging the USB will make it continue booting.

I suspect, with my limited knowledge that this is a motherboard problem but it's a brand new Gigabyte GA-970A-D3, equipped with USB2.0 and 3.0 ports and Sata3. I have just done fresh install of windows and gotten it all updated as far as I could so I'm at a loss.

Any help appreciated. Just some direction as to what could be the issue would be a wonder!

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  1. open a command prompt and run "chkdsk /r" on both problem drives.

    This will take a very long time so run it before you go to sleep.
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