Pin-out for ATI Radeon 2600 Pro Power Connector

For an AGP card:
I need to know how to wire the 6 wire molex plug The pins look like this
what I call top is where the plastic hook is located on the plug
x x x
x x x
From a factory pix, it looks like the plug has 2x 12V (outside pins) with ground in center (top 3 connections)
and another 12V (yellow) in the row below with another negative in the center.

Can someone please advise me of the correct wiring?
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  1. Thank you very much for your reply, but could this plug be wired for the motherboard?
    (only pin one is square, other pin channels are round)

    My video card has pin one square and pin 6 square
    all three pins on the bottom (4, 5, 6 )seem to be bridged and
    the top row has the outside pins bridged with the center open

    Can someone please confirm the proper hook-up
  2. Thank you, this worked for me!
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