Will my power supply run this

I think my power supply will handle this setup with 2 gpus. Its runing stable with 1 right now. What do you guys think. I know if i want to go 3gpu then i need 1000watt or more, but there is no real gains in gaming that ive seen from having 3 gpus.

Power supply
850watt ocz rated to 80 percent effency

2 gtx 480's

790i xfx ultra

e8400 using 1.4 volts (oc'd 4ghz)

4gb ram 1.65 v

Add on cards:
Creative xtremegamer sound card
TV tuner
raid controller

Hard drives:
3 2tb sata hd

blu ray drive
dvd writer
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    The lowest wattage PSU I see on the list at SLI Zone is 950W, so I'd be skeptical that 850W, especially that 850W PSU would handle it well.

    It's possible it will work, but I wouldn't bank on it.

    That GameXStream PSU you have linked does not appear to be 80+ certified. If you end up buying a new PSU, make sure it's 80+ certified and has Active PFC.
  2. Your system should consume less than 750 watts under that (SLI) configuration. Did you OC the video cards?
  3. on sli zone, the lowest for 2x sli is 900watts xD, anyways, i think it will work if you dont mind it being very loud and very short lifespan
  4. its over clocked right now but when i run both cards i wont be.
  5. Get out the add on cards and give it a try in some games.
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