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My computer properties shows that I have an Intel Pentium e2180 @2.00ghz, then below it says 1.2ghz...which is correct?
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  2. Thanks for answering so quickly. However the article you referenced said that setting a system's power scheme to "Home/Office desk" will disable Speed Step. Having checked this, and finding it to be set there another reason why I'm running at 1.2Ghz?

  3. Does your CPU speed up when you put a load on it?
    If you see it move up to 2.0Ghz while you're doing something like gaming you know the 1.2Ghz speed is just the power saving mode.

    Home/Office settings should probably have power saving ON. It only makes sense to save power when you don't need it.
  4. I see the Wiki article talks about WinXP and its power saving options. Are you using WinXP?
    You may need to disable Speedstep (EIST) through the BIOS settings in your motherboard.
  5. That is what I wound up doing...I had missed it in the bios screen.

    The secretary runs 10 apps constantly...the system never seems to speed up on it's own. So now it's hopefully gonna act quicker.

    Thanks for your help,
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