Ram in 3 out of 4 slots on Asus P5QL-E

Hi folks, I have an ASUS P5QL-E motherboard with 4 RAM slots which currently has 2 (2 GB) chips. I bought another 2GB of RAM (on a single chip) and added it leaving slot 4 empty (for a total of 6 gigs) but this system will not power up. My question is, does this (or any) board permit a dual-channel configuration with 3 chips or will I need to get 1 more? The mobo's manual is a little vague. Thanks!

This thread seemed similar:

oh, and the CPU is an intel quad-core if that helps.
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  1. The machine must have exactly matched memory chips, also it is quite common to re-install the OS, to configure the new hardware before you run it.
    Run the REPAIR INSTALL for your OS, which does not erase your personal files. This depends on your OS, which you have not listed.
    After doing a repair install of the OS, this cures the fault and configures the new memory. (if the MOBO is not defective)
  2. +1, However as you feared,
    you wont get the dual channel benefit unless you add the final stick in the fourth slot or remove the third stick
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