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Is a 500watts best for handling GTX 260?
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    Depends on the 500W PSU, power supplies vary in quality and output power even between units rated for the same power. There is no power rating that is "best" for handling a video card, a GTX 260 would run on a good 500W unit or a 1500W unit, it only draws as much as it needs.

    Are you looking for a power supply that can handle a GTX 260? If so whats your budget and where can you buy from?
  2. Well,actually i was just asking,but thanks for the info.
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  4. Hey, u thing if i should change out to windows 7 64bit i would have a better chance to get more performance out of my RAMS in terms of gaming.My specs are:

    AMD Phenom 9500 2.2GHZ Quad core,3GB of RAMS,720HD,Nvidia 8500GT, MCP61PM-HM (Nettle3) motherboard and Windows 7 32bit.
  5. No point in switching to 64 bit windows 7 if you already have 32 bit, and you arent trying to use 4GB or more of ram so 64 bit provides no advantage for you over 32 bit. If you were upgrading from XP then definitely the 64 bit version but since you already have 32 bit version installed dont bother upgrading.
  6. I'm planning on installing more RAM
  7. But even if i upgrade to the 64bit will it suck my machine flat?
  8. DDR3 RAM will pull less than 10 watts per gigabyte from the 3.3 volt rail.
  9. My mobo doesn't support DDR3 RAMS,but anyways thanks for the info.
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