Choosing SB CPU/Mobo

I'm trying to decide on a SB CPU / Motherboard combo for a new build.

I built my current PC in 2004. I've had it for 7 years now, so I'm not someone that upgrades all the time. I'm looking for quality parts that are going to last.

My main use is multi-tasking. I don't do any type of video editing, but may have, as a scenario, the following going on all at once: Photoshop open, SoundForge for music editing, Word, Internet with several tabs, Messenger, downloading, unzipping, Music playing, several folders open.

Gaming is not a big deal for me. The only PC games I see myself playing in the future are Starcraft II or Diablo 3. I have no interest in Crossfire / SLI, and I doubt I would bother with overclocking. I don't watch Blu-ray or 3D movies. One of my goals for the new build is that it'll be quiet.

I also HATE lights and LEDs.

I've been debating over the i3-2100 or i5-2400/2500/2500K. My current thoughts are to pass on the cheaper i3 for the i5, as I don't plan on upgrading for a long time, and i5 gets me quad-core. Then I figured that if I was going to choose the 2500, I may as well spend the extra $10 for the 2500K to bump the IGP up to the HD3000. Or, I could instead go with the 2400, saving around $30.

As for the Motherboard, I was thinking the best course for me may be H67. I lose Crossfire / SLI and OCing, but had no plans to use them. Most H67 boards I've seen are mATX, and I'm not sure if this matters. It may actually be beneficial if going for a quiet PC (less components, power, heat, etc). It'll be going in a mid-tower.

Another reason for H67 is I wouldn't need a GPU right now. It would allow me to wait until, say, Diablo 3 is released, at which time I could get a more powerful card for less money.

As for P67, I'm having a hard time convincing myself of any reason to go with it, unless there's something I'm not aware of, like H67 boards suck?

I'm also looking for:

- DVI / HMDI / DisplayPort / Optical
- 6 Audio Ports
- USB 3.0
- SATA 6.0Gbps
- 4 memory slots
- One PCIe x16 slot, for a future GPU
- Second PCIe slot for future sound card
- I don't care about VGA, PS2, eSata, Firewire, Antenna, or Bluetooth.

I am probably biased towards ASUS / Gigabyte, and not a big fan of MSI.

Here's a few boards I've been looking at:


Has most of what I'm looking for. Two wasted PCI slots, and no DisplayPort, though.


Seems similar to the PRO, with a bunch of added ports that I don't really need. Trades one of the PCI slots for a 3rd PCIe slot. Phase 8+2 and DisplayPort, too. This the one I'm leaning towards at the moment.


Looks like it has most everything I want.


More ports I don't need. This board is also the only ATX board I've seen for H67, which I'm not sure if that's good or bad for me. Those extra PCI slots seem to be such a waste..
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