Should i turn page file and indexing off

hi i was wondering if i should change those things off. also is'nt there a tweak tool somewheres that does everything you need? anyone know of a recent one been awhile since i read on this and am getting an ssd
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  1. Shift the page file to a platter drive if you have one in the rig and keep it off the SSD.
    Indexing is not required since SSDs are already fast enough.
    I'd stay away from tweaking tools , since tuning the SSD is relatively simple and less cumbersome on the registry than using any extra software.
  2. ok. is it neccisary to have a page file? i actualy do have a 10k rpm raptor hard drive i can put the page file on if need be
  3. If you have a lot of RAM you really don't need the pagefile,but, as a lot of people will argue, it is always advisable to have some little amount of HDD space for your pagefile since a few programs out there might look for it as a minimum requirement.
  4. i have 4gb's a ram not sure if thats considered alot these days
  5. WINTERLORD said:
    i have 4gb's a ram not sure if thats considered alot these days

    It's not. I'd do what alyoshka recommends: disable indexing and keep a page file.
  6. Kepp a page file on your ssd. Set it to 2Gb and you'll be fine.
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