I am putting 4 fans in my pc, and i was wondering if i would need a fan-controller. Or is it just a add-on. If i would't get the fan-controller, are all the fans going to run at maximum RPM or is the motherboard going to decide how fast those things are going to go.
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  1. Why are you putting fans in your case?
    What case? What fans? Are they PWM?
    What motherboard?

    A fan connected to the PSU 4 pin molex power connector will run at full speed.
  2. What temps do you want to keep low? Are the high now? Case fans might not lower certain temps.
  3. That case came with NO fans? OK, I see the single 120mm rear exhaust fan.
  4. Dumping $50 worth of fans into a budget case kind of defeats the purpose of getting a budget case in the first place. But I think you do need at least 1 more fan.
    Top rear exhaust and front low intake are the minimum case fans for a gaming build I think.

    And a 3rd fan wouldn't be a bad idea either. Top of case, set up for exhaust.
    $20 for two fans, and do some testing, then let the results of the test let you know if you need more fans. I don't think you will.

    Those CM R4-S2S-12AK-GP are a constant speed fan and come with a 3pin power connector so you can plug them into the motherboard fan headers.
    The also have a 3pin-to-4pin adapter in the accessory pack to let you use a direct connection to a PSU 4pin molex connector. A nice option to have.
  5. No the case doesn't come with any fans.
    I want to dissipate heat from the GPU, CPU and intake cold air.
  6. You want to exhaust warm air and intake cold air.
  7. Well a CM 690 II wit 2 fans costs 79 euros, that is 102 USD.
    The Sharkoon case with the 4 fans costs 60,48 euros, that is 77 USD
    So i am saving 25 USD, and i have more fans and higher air displacement.
  8. WR2 said:
    You want to exhaust warm air and intake cold air.

    Yeah 1 on the top and 1 on the back to exhaust warm air and 1 on the side and 1 on the front to intake cold air.
  9. There are lots of excellent gaming cases that only come with 2 fans.
    Antec 300 would be an example. Try two fans starting out. Test your temps.
    You can always add more later.
  10. Here is a case review of the Sharkoon Rebel9 case.
    In the performance charts note how well the Antec 300 does at cooling with just 2 fans.
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