Should i upgrade my mobo?

currently i have this mobo

cpu 1090t (6 core oc to 3.7)
6850 vid card

(2 750 gb black wd drives in raid 0 )
+more hard drives and such

anways im wondering if i would notice a speed or otherwise benefit from upgrading to a new mobo

(currently my mobo uses ddr 800)
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  1. Almost certainly next to none... I'd spend the ~$200 on a nice SSD or another 6850.
  2. ^ Really, what he said. Unless you feel the motherboard is limiting you somewhat, in terms of overclocking or there aren't enough memory or PCI-E slots, then it would be reasonable. However, upgrading your motherboard will show virtually no improvement, if any at all in terms of performance. The DDR(2?) 800 MHz memory wouldn't be a limit either, unless you want more RAM, but that's another matter. Stardude made some good suggestions, if you feel like you could use more speed, then an SSD for bootup or HD 6850 would be a much better alternative. If your system is fast enough, then I'd just save the $200 for later.
  3. No benefit whatsoever.
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