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4850 vs 5750

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
May 26, 2010 8:33:37 PM


I have an older MB (gb 965-ds rev 2 I think) and CPU [E4300] so I'm leaning towards the 4850. The price difference between the 4850 and 5750 is about 20 bucks before taxes, S&H if I go with XFX - this is for a 1GB memory. The price difference is more if I use other manufacturers like Sapphire for eg for the 4850.

PowerColor has a special on the 4850, 512 MB for under 100 bucks [no, that is not a rebate :) ]. I don't know much about them.... Is it a good card? I know XFX has a life time warranty - as opposed to the rest with 1 year only. The price difference would then be over 35 bucks. Newegg does not have many reviews on the card either, and some of them are a waste of time too.

Also, the bang for the buck article for May is not helpful - LOL. The cards are on the same tier :) .

I don't do a lot of new gaming - generally WoW and older games. I don't do Crossfire - this is to upgrade an aging 7900 GS. Is there any difference in getting a 512 MB over a 1GB video card? I have always assumed that 1GB is better, but not too sure on that one.

And - is it really worth it to pay in the extra and get the 5750? I'm on a very tight budget, so the 4850 is at a sweet price. From what I can see, the 4850 is faster than the 5750. Bear in mind I'm not doing a new build, just replacing an aging card which bombs out when there is too much happening in WoW on an aging machine. With the current economic climate a new build is quite a ways off :) .

Any thoughts, comments most welcome.


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May 26, 2010 8:49:27 PM

if you are playing games in DX 9 and DX 10 (like WoW) then you wont see any difference between the two cards

if you want to play games in DX 11 then the 5750 is the only choice of your two options. few games currently offer DX 11 performance but those that do also offer DX 10 and frankly most people don't see a big difference between the two (currently)

the 5750 will run cooler and needs less power though, the 4850 needs a solid 375w+ PSU.