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hi guys... i just put together a system to run as my central storage with 6 x 3 TB WD Red and an SSD as system drive. It's running on Windows 7, and I configured storage spaces using parity resilience. All 6 drives are combined into 1 storage pool, which is then divided into 4 storage spaces.

I got 40-80Mbps transfer (write) over the network from my other desktop running the same Win 7, but when I transfer file in between the storage spaces, i only get around 20mbps.

is this normal? is there anyway to improve (1) data transfer rate through the network and (2) transfer file internally within the storage spaces? thanks
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  1. Well since you have all of the drives under one storage space, transferring files between the storage spaces will be slow because you are reading and writing to the same drive(s)

    as for the network performance, 80mbps is a good speed to get on gigabit ethernet, not to mention could be speed limited by the source drive you are transferring from/to
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