does dell vostro 200 crossfire support

I have dell vostro 200 desktop. I installed a gigabyte ati radeon hd 4550 graphics card. It worked but when watching video on the internet, will revert out of full screen mode to original size after 1-2 minutes. It will not stay in full screen mode. I'll feeding a proview 22" lcd monitor at 1680 x 1050 resolution.

What's wrong?
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    First off the res should be 1680x1050 for native and 2nd there is not 2 pcie slots in the vostro 200 I have 2 of them.. No there is not xfire and if you are coming out of full screen that is caused most of the time by some program wanting to do something updates most likely apples update pos does that to me all the time... I would look for a cause other than the video card b/c I have a 4350 that I use with my HD TV that plays blue ray and standard movies with no issue.

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