GTS 250 vs. GTX 260

Hi everyone,

Well after my last thread about which video card to buy I did decide to stick with Nvidia, but looking at the specs of the GTS 250 & GTX 260, I'm sumwhat confused.

8800 GTX GTS 250 GTX 260

Cores 128 128 216/192
Core Clock 575 740 576
Shader Clock 1350 1836 1242
Memory Clock 900 2008 1998
Memory 768MB 1GB 896MB
Memory Interface 384bits 256bits 448bits
Memory Bandwidth 86.4 70.4 111.9
Texture Fill Rate 36.8 47.2 36.9

Now I don't understand how the GTX 260 is more powerful when the GTS 250 seems to be faster in the clock speeds area, plus it has more memory, could someone explain to me how this all translates into games running at a good framerate and good graphical quality, I had no problems running all my great games (Dragon Age, Mass Effect 1 & 2, Far Cry 2, GTA IV & The Saboteur) running @ 1920 x 1080 on my 8800GTX. So is more memory more important or the speed of the memory & the memory interface being higher...

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  1. More cores = more powerful/better, get a GTX260 216.
  2. Its the cores that affect it the most in this case, the GTX 260 core 216 has 69% more SPs than the GTS250 while the GTS 250 has a 30% higher core clock and 50% higher shader clock clock, the higher core count best both of these, making it the faster card overall.

    The amount of onboard memory doesnt really matter as 1GB does not become necessary until about 1920x1200 and even then the different between 512MB and 1GB is fairly minimal. The GTX260 also has a much larger memory bus allowing for higher overall bandwidth, but that only tends to come into play with memory intensive operations like AA.
  3. Put it this way. I run SLI (two) GTX 260's. Before that I had a single GTX 260. Before that I had an 8800GTS 512MB (which is the early version of the 9800GTX+, which is the early version of the GTS 250). If that confused you, thank nVidia.

    Long story short, the GTS 250 is a refreshed 8800GTS 512MB video card. :) It was worth the money when I upgraded from my 8800GTS to my GTX 260. There's a good performance change between the two.
  4. The 260 is faster ....

    But with the GTX 260 costing $175 w/ a free game

    and the GTS 250 at $90 w/ 2 free games

    I think I'd buy two 250's and SLI them .... Note rebate form may require rebates go to 2 different households.
  5. Thanks everyone thank clears that up for me, I think I might just get the GTX 260.

    I wish I could get 2 GTX 260's and SLI them but I think I might need a larger PSU, at the moment I have a 550Watt, I don't have the money for them at the moment, I'm having to borrow £150 from my Mam, because I am Unemployed, so she can have her PC back, which I will be glad to get mine back up and running.
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