Cant boot the bios from asus M3A78-T

My System is MB:Asus gx790 M3A78-T with win 7 64 bit
Amd phenom X4 9850 black Edition
2Gb ram . Ati 4650 512MB . PSU 700w

It all started when i upgraded My VGA to ATI HiS 6850 , the drivers made the screen went crazy , then i restore the windows twice to get rid of this problems to remove the drivers . Now i when i boot the system and press Delete for the bios screen it won't show up any more . I tried this 5 times and i can't get to the bios screen anymore , even i can't install a new window copy because dvd drive can't run at first any more.

I don't know if Asus 790Gx can handle GDDR5 card or the bios screwed up now?

thank you
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  1. I doubt the GDDR5 memory on the HD 6850 would be the problem. I'd trying resetting the BIOS completely (remove the battery for ten minutes), and see if that works at all. Just wondering though, after you removed the drivers, did the computer still work? I.e., when you booted it up would the BIOS and Windows load? And lastly, does your computer work at all? If you put the HD 4650 back in, will it boot up?
  2. after i install the new driver for the HIS 6850 ,it's works and boot now but i can't get to the bios page . So i'll try to remove the battery .
    thank you
  3. problem solved after remove the power or bios battery ,also if u install the drive for ati 6850 ,never run overclock or adjust fan speed. of u do it ,it will srew u up
  4. ^ Well, good to see that removing the battery worked.
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