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I have windows 7 64 bit (asus u30jc) and I want to try and overclock my 310m to squeeze a few more fps out of bad company 2. I've tried evga precision, and this seems to overclock the shaders, but with the core and memory clock, when i press apply, they go right back to where they were. Any suggestions?
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  1. It's a laptop, right?
    I never overclocking a laptop before...
    I guess you just can't...
  2. Dont do that,It will destroy your lap
  3. destroy it? Well like I know for a fact that you can overclock like the ul30vt's and stuff like that http://www.expertlaptopreview.com/?p=422.. I figured the vid card on that wouldn't be any different. Plus the vid card runs at a nice low temperature; around 60 Celsius after an hour of play. Idk.
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