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In a 1GB card, is there any way, bios or some short to change this amount to a lower value ? In my case 512MB ?
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  1. I want it to test in a SLI configuration. Is it possible by firmware update ? And if so what exactly do i need to modify? I know that is done by Nibitor but don't know really what to change...Do I need to do it with a 512mb bios version of the card?
  2. I want to do this becouse I have another gts 250 but with 512mb, but I dont exactly know how
  3. No that didn't worked I tryed everything, I used coolbits 18 value registry hack, to force the 2 card to use the same amount of memory and I have some problems with that, also I have postet to Nvidia Customer Care and This is what I got : I understand that you would like to use SLI configuration with GeForce GTS 250 graphics cards with different memory.

    I am sorry to inform you that SLI will not work with different memory of graphics cards both the graphics card should be of same memory.

    In order for SLI approval all 3 must match, 1) GPU architecture, 2) Device ID, 3) Frame Buffer Size. if any of these don't match then SLI will not work.

    Enable coolbits option is EOL and we are going to remove this FAQ from the website.

    So my only option now is to make the 1GB version card to use only 512mb or the video bios to boot it like that
  4. Thanks!! I will come back tomorow if I suceeded
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